, & – Scam Websites Owned By Nigerian

Internet users who have lost login passwords along with recovery information of their online accounts, or maybe want to check messages inside their relationship partner’s accounts, often decide to hire a professional hacker to do a job for their needs.

And unfortunately since hacking services are not legal and can’t be paid with usual payment methods such as PayPal or credit cards, who offers buyers protection, most of these so called “hackers” are deceivers who promote their services usually on a dark and deep-web. They will promise successful & fast hacking delivery, take your money upfront, then block you and disappear without delivering your order.

These unlucky situations are happening every day to people who decide to take a hacking  services from these websites: , , & which are all founded by the same person, Michael Kolawole Oluwatobi.

One of the cybersecurity technicians from TELUS Security Labs team decided to act as their customer, and using his social-engineering skills, managed to track the owner of these sites, and gather all personal information about him.

So who is Michael Kolawole Oluwatobi?

NerdStarkCorp H24HRS - Michael Kolawole Oluwatobi Nationality: Nigerian. Age 24. living in Cape Town, South Africa.
Michael started his scam business while still living in Nigeria together with his friends. After few months of working together, personal things between went wrong, and they separated. so each of them started to work on their own. They started to revenge on on another. So one of his friends reported Michael to their local police department. And since laws in Nigeria are not that tight like in the rest of world, Michael bribed police officers with a few thousands of US dollars so he can escape.
In 2019, Michael is moving away to Cape Town in South Africa, where he decided to start his scamming business one more time fresh clean, and he built his websites to make an income on deceiving people.

After cybersecurity expert from TELUS Security Labs team hacked his phone, he found out that Michael Kolawole Oluwatobi scammed thousands of worldwide naive victims with his tricks, and he’s living luxury lifestyle from money he’s receiving from his victims, in a rented villa, spending his wealth  mostly on expensive clothes, weapons, parties and drugs on a daily basis.

What to do if you are a victim of his scams?

You have to report him. The more reports he gets, the chances are higher he will get arrested, and serve for his crimes.

So, 1st you have to report him to the South African Police Department.

Cape Town Central Police Station
Cape Town “Woodstock” Police Station

National Anti Corruption Hotline phone: 0800 701 701
Email: [email protected]

Report to ICASA Anti-Fraud Organization

Also, don’t forget to report him to your national anti-fraud organizations too.

For US residents, send a report Here.

For UK residents, make reports Here , Here and Here.

For EU residents, send reports Here.

Making reports from your local country is same important as reporting him to the South African department. Because if many reports are made from one country, governments would cooperate together and forward their reports to the one where crime is made.

Report his Websites for a Takedown/Termination

Don’t forget this too. As more reports comes to the domain registrar of his websites, the chances are higher that they will be suspended & taken down.

To report “Nerd Stark Corp” –, send reports to this email: [email protected]

To report & , send reports to this email: [email protected]

To report, send reports to this email: [email protected]

Make a detailed explanation of your issue how you got scammed when making this report.

So, let’s get this deceiver arrested together. We all have to act as one. Every report matters!

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