How to Hack Windows 10/8/7 Admin Login Password – 2022 Tutorial

Windows 7-8-10 User Password HackAdjusting our settings is typically the first thing we do after unboxing a new computer. With the media spreading more stories on cyber-theft and fraud, most of us concerned with our privacy will head over to the security center and enter a strong password to prevent unauthorized access to our PC, laptop, or mobile device.

While choosing a random access password to protect your data seems like a reasonable idea, there are those times when you might forget or misplace your Continue reading, & – Scam Websites (Fake hackers)

A few months back, after our team along with Telus Security Lab’s team of cybersecurity experts exposed fake Nigerian hacker & scammer M.K.O. who owned websites NerdStarkCorp, H24HRS & XTChack, we continued to dedicate our free time catching more of alike fake hackers. And today we have finally succeeded.

In this post we leak out another scammer who is from Nigeria too. Fortunately for him, we still didn’t manage to get to his full identity. Once we do, this post will get updated with full of information.

The list of websites representing a hacker(s), which are all fake & scam: (scam page) (scam) Continue reading, & – Scam Websites Owned By Nigerian

Internet users who have lost login passwords along with recovery information of their online accounts, or maybe want to check messages inside their relationship partner’s accounts, often decide to hire a professional hacker to do a job for their needs.

And unfortunately since hacking services are not legal and can’t be paid with usual payment methods such as PayPal or credit cards, who offers buyers protection, most of these so called “hackers” are deceivers who promote their services usually on a dark and deep-web. They will promise successful & fast hacking delivery, take your money upfront, then Continue reading

How to Remove Malware that Keeps Coming Back – Tutorial

How to Remove Malware that Keeps Coming Back
Malware which is the short form of malicious software alludes to different sorts of applications that are intended to access a PC for malicious purposes, and regularly without the user of the PC knowing anything about it. Customarily, the objective of malware has been to create income, either by taking your own data for resale on the internet or by encrypting the information on a computer and asking for money from the victim for them to access their precious files. Malware can contaminate PCs as well as other kinds of gadgets in a few different ways. Contrary to the popular belief that Macs are safer than Continue reading

How to Protect Facebook Account from Hacking – Ultimate Guide (2022 Edition)

Protect Facebook from HackersFacebook is one of the world’s most widely used websites, and it’s likely that the majority of people you know have a Facebook account. There are 2.38 billion active users on Facebook right now, and the number grows every time someone creates a new account.

This has also made it one of the most widely targeted websites out there, and it’s just as likely that you’ve had your account hacked at least once – and you might not have known a Continue reading