How to Protect Your Website from Hacking – Ultimate Guide (2022 Edition)

Did you know that hackers infiltrate more than 50,000 websites around the world every day? That’s a staggering statistic. However, it’s a stark reminder of why ‘it’s so vital for online businesses and bloggers, to stay on top of their internet security and privacy protection systems.

Website Security

Let’s take a quick look at some official statistics.

  • The worldwide web is home to over a billion websites, with US servers hosting around 380-million of Continue reading

10 Tips to Speed Up Windows 10 and Improve Your PC Performance

Windows 10 is the default operating system installed on the majority of devices these days; it was originally designed to be the most user-friendly, effective and fast OS from Microsoft – and so far, it’s performed well.

Windows 10 Speed up Tips

But there are a lot of things that can slow down your computer’s performance over time. If you’ve been using your PC for a stretch and noticed that it’s slowing down and more prone to lag when you can’t afford it to, or if you’ve bought a used PC from someone else and find that it’s too slow for what you Continue reading