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A few months back, after our team along with Telus Security Lab’s team of cybersecurity experts exposed fake Nigerian hacker & scammer M.K.O. who owned websites NerdStarkCorp, H24HRS & XTChack, we continued to dedicate our free time catching more of alike fake hackers. And today we have finally succeeded.

In this post we leak out another scammer who is from Nigeria too. Fortunately for him, we still didn’t manage to get to his full identity. Once we do, this post will get updated with full of information.

The list of websites representing a hacker(s), which are all fake & scam: (scam page) (scam)

StylishThrill WhillsWorld MediaHackersTech Review

These sites are in ownership of two persons at least, according to the two phone devices we managed to hack into. So the scammers who manage them are probably teamed up. The phone devices which are used for managing these websites, along with their contact accounts (email, WhatsApp & social media profiles) are being used just for managing their fake business. No personal information of the owners were found inside their phones. So unlike the previous case we had, these guys are a bit more clever and managed to cover themselves.

List of their Instagram accounts, which are scam profiles too:
vasthack (and website – scam website)
stemhack ( – scam website)
loius.fixit ( – scam website)
UncoverHub ( – scam website)

BrianHacksOnline Review Scam

Our attempt to expose the admins of these websites is still not over, and we’ll continue doing our best to succeed it. Once we do, this post will get updated.

Until then, stay alerted and do not take services by these so called hackers. review - scamming website

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